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Everything You Need to Know About Bamboo Tattooing

Although modern-day individuals opt for a wide range of fashion trends, tattooing has managed to gain maximum recognition. Besides obviously rejuvenating outer appearance to a great extent, it can also act as a means for expressing suppressed emotions, rebelling against society’s age-old notions, and honouring deceased family member or friend.

If you are planning on getting inked, please try bamboo tattooing of Thailand. Initially, only monks used to perform, but now such a style is offered by several renowned shops. For details, please check out given discussion.


In bamboo tattooing, an artist uses a bamboo stick with several surgical needles attached right at the end. He or she carefully uses a bamboo stick to penetrate needles repeatedly into a particular body part, injecting ink deep beneath skin layers, and ultimately forming an image. Owing to being immensely ancient, bamboo tattooing is noted for having profound spiritual connections.

Are you wondering if bamboo tattooing is safe? Well, it primarily depends upon the studio you choose. Reliable brands in the industry treasure talented experts, who wear high-grade gloves and disinfect needles under all circumstances, thus, keep infections at bay. They even strictly comply with internationally recognised hygiene standards.

Just like machine tattoos, bamboo tattooing involves the use of vibrant colours apart from black & grey shading. As an artist can use the stick with utter precision, he or she could engrave finer lines and dots without any hassle.


You can customise designs as per your requirements and expectations. Some popular ones done via bamboo tattooing are:

  • Bodhi Tree is an exceptionally important symbol of Buddhism. It portrays Lord Buddha sitting under the famous tree, where he achieved enlightenment.

  • Lotus is known for being a symbol of beauty. This particular flower grows in mud, hence, showing that people can emerge successful even in unfavourable circumstances.

  • Mandala has impressed larger segments of the population until now. It is known for symbolising perfection, stability, eternity, and wholeness.

  • Dharma Wheel is another excellent design, which houses Buddhist principles. Owing to being intricate, it can captivate attention quite easily.

  • Laughing Buddha is a pot-bellied jovial looking Lord Buddha popularised by Chinese folklore. Instead of being religiously significant, it serves as a visual delight.


Artists usually fabricate post-procedure instructions depending upon skin type, but few common aftercare tips include:

  • Remove bandage after an hour or so. Leaving it for a prolonged period encourage bacterial growth.

  • Make sure to wash bamboo tattoos with a gentle cleanser and lukewarm water. Remember, scrubbing can distort your precious design.

  • Pat dry with a paper towel only. In case of cloth towels, fuzzies get stuck in the etched area.

  • Apply an unscented lotion found in superstores or in the nearby market, or it could be regular coconut oil. Quite contrary to popular belief, petroleum jelly clogs pores, or in other words, prohibits a tattoo from breathing.

  • Smoking cigarettes slows down the healing process. Stay away from alcoholic beverages as they thin blood.

  • While light showers are completely acceptable, avoid taking dips in swimming pools, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, spa baths, etc. Submerging tattooed area discolours it quickly.

  • Ultraviolet radiation also contributes to fading. Thus, stop venturing out in the sun as much as possible.

  • Finally, yet importantly, bamboo tattoos do not peel or scab like machine-made tattoos. But they do form flakes that fall off on their own.

Bamboo tattooing is exceptionally beautiful and helps individuals highlight significant aspects of their character. The cost would depend upon the size, detailing, duration, etc. While you can etch motifs almost anywhere, I would ask you to avoid sensitive areas, or in other words, areas with lots of nerve endings like feet, fingers, ribs, knees, elbows, etc.

Spacious body parts having plenty of muscular tissues like thighs, back, chest, arms, hips, etc. work best. Remember tattoos on stomach do not age properly. Arrive at a decision very cautiously.

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