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Black and Grey Tattoo is probably one of oldest tattoo styles that uses only Black Ink in various shades. The Black and Grey Tattoo is believed to be originated from prisons in South California dated back in 1970’. And it was proved to be timeless and extremely popular that the black and grey tattoo styles have shifted from the street tattoo to some of the top tattoo galleries. These styles of Tattoo have attached many Superstars in Hollywood and those in entertainment industries around the globe.

If you are a newcomer to the world of Tattoo, you will see that these black and grey tattoo styles are used in almost every tattoo styles ranging from Realism Tattoo, Japanese Tattoo, Tribal Tattoo, Geomatric Tattoo.

Before you’re getting these black and grey tattoo, make sure you find an artist who is skillful enough to deliver you a wonderful image on your body. Keep in mind that not all artists have the ability to design good tattoo.

Best 3d black and gray tattoo in khao lak .
Best black and gray tattoo with good detail work in khao lak


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