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15% Discount Special Offer for 2 persons up

Get 15% Off  for 2 persons up who tattoo with us

Please note that this offer may not be used in conjunction with any other offer 



Getting your first Tattoo that you'll never regret for the rest of your life is a tremendous decision. It lasts with you as long as your body lasts. Don’t rush into making the final decision to get inked from any random tattoo shop just because you were offered the lowest price. Think about it! Would you hire the cheapest doctor for heart surgery or something? Would you? Just like that. Tattoo is not something that you can buy from any grocery store, that you’re gonna buy in bulk to get the best deal.


One of the biggest mistakes is that people usually make a final decision just because they were offered the lowest price without doing research on the artists, without any idea of how sanitary really matter? They don’t even know what styles really appeal to them.  Most reputable Tattoo Artists have their portfolios, of course, their long history that you can refer to.


Legacy Tattoo Studio in Khao Lak,PhangNga province facilitates the creation of top-rated and good quality tattoos with the use of modern as well as conventional techniques and equipment. Legacy Tattoo Studio is the culmination of years of hard work, discipline, study, and perseverance by the founder Chatree Suksawat, also known as Eddie. Eddie and his team strive successfully to create the most Exotic Tattoo Design along with impeccable service in their studio .Now located at Khao lak at Khao Lak Center on the second floor.Above McDonalds Khao Lak

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It's always a good day for a new 


Legacy Tattoo Studio, We are located in Khao Lak, PhangNga,Thailand, 2 Fl atKhao Lak Center creative-minded people keen in tattooing.


With over 20 years of experienced tattoo artists, our creative and English speaking team will take care of creating the best tattoo for you.

Getting Inked is a special thing and always a personal experience. In that way, we offer you a free consultation to share your ideas and suggestions. Our artists are passionate and devoted to the craft of tattooing. They work with the clients in sheer accordance in the parlour and create outstanding ink designs as per their requirements that last the test of time. 

If you have no inspiration, we take care to bring you our ideas and design in our parlour. Let us know what type of style you wish, and we will work on different options in our top-class studio until you are thrilled by the sketch to start the process of tattooing your skin finally.


At Legacy Tattoo Studio in Khao Lak, we only have experienced artists who have perfected their art over the years and are able to make impeccable tattoo in broad kind of styles.

Clean and sterilized tattoo shop in khaolak



Only medical standard equipment and ink are allowed to be used by our Artists. All are solely imported from UK and USA


World Class Hygiene Standard is strictly performed and controlled to prevent illness and infection from bacteria and virus.


Legacy Tattoo Studio is officially certified by the Ministry of Public Heath. 


Our Tattoo artists are speaking Thai,  English 


International Award Winning Tattoo Artists

Certified Tattoo Studio – Using Hygiene Standards Accepted Globally


Legacy Tattoo Studio seeks great pride in being one of the first Certified Tattoo Studio by the Thailand Ministry of Public Health. The accreditation helped us to maintain a high standard of cleanliness and safety measures at the studio. All our artists and support staff are dedicated to offer the best environment for tattooing to the clients in the parlour.


  • How we are the best Bangkok Tattoo Studio
    We believe in our core values, creativity, quality, and responsibility inspired by our award-winning resident artists and international as well as Thai guest artists. Our artists are always upfront and prepared to put your visions and dream into the perfect tattoo, using the best materials and products import from USA and UK, safely sterilized with medical grade equipment. ​ With great focus on custom work, we’d like to present ourselves as a commercial studio emphasizing on boutique styles. Be it a brand new ink design, re-creation or cover-up piece, we have got specialized artists in our parlour, and they are just perfect for the job. ​ All these factors have helped us to bag numerous accolades and appreciation from our huge clientele. We take great pride in being one of the reliable and leading tattoo places in Bangkok, Thailand. ​ Come visit us.

All equipment and ink are imported from 

Best realistic tattoo in khao lak


Khao Lak Center

Above McDonalds On 2 Floor.

Tel: +66 969969044



Monday - Sunday: 12:00  - 20:00
​​(From 20.00 – 00.00 available upon request)

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Best tattoo shop in Khaolak
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