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Geomatric Tattoo is look very fashionable and trendy even completely abstract. People are more likely to get a Tattoo that is unique to reflect their life styles and personality rather than traditional tattoo. However, before you ask the artist for these Geomatric Tattoo. It is good to understand the meaning and the placement as well as the form.

Geomatric Tattoo focus more on shapes and patterns that is usually created with several lines come together to form a bigger shape that easily found in natural world like leaves, lines, stars and other patterns

Geomatric is all about the perfection and symmetry. It createห harmony and balance to form an incredible shape. Make sure you get a talented Tattoo Artist. Just a small deviation of a line or dot could definitely destroy the whole designs.



YELO House 20/2 Soi Kasemsarn 1. Rama 1 Road, Prathumwan. Bangkok

Tel: +66 96 996 9044




Monday - Sunday: 12:00  - 22:00
​​(From 20.00 – 00.00 available upon request)

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