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Dotwork tattoo is one of the most difficult tattoo techniques. Not so many tattoo artists can do this. You must be very talented and experienced to do dotwork technique, because every single dot must be inked patiently in the right shade at the right place. The shading must be as smooth as the 3D image. That’s why many dotwork artists prefer to perform it by handpok tattoo instead of using tattoo machine. It’s usually done with black and grey ink. But sometimes red is associated to create a beautiful contrast effect.

The tattoo machine is not all the best tool when it comes to dotwork. As it requires you focus on every details of the image. You must realize how powerful of the symbol is to get all the inked right. It requires patience and consume time. This technique is often used for religious or spiritual tattoos that convey their cultures and beliefs. Some Geomatirc image also uses this technique. 

If you go to any tattoo shop to get some dotwork done, make sure you get the right artist who are extremely specialized in hand poked. Of course, the price is not cheap but the results will last with you forever that you will never ever regret. 

Dot work tattoo and best geometric tattoo in khao lak
Best dot work in khao lak


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